Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Mrs. Lisa Shipley Principal
Mrs. Laura Minakowski Assistant Principal laura.minakowski@schooloftheincarnation.org

Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Kerrie Smith Preschool Director ksmith@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Amy Richards PreK Teacher arichards@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Betsy Von Hagen PreK Teacher bvonhagen@schooloftheincarnation.org
Miss Lauren Kincaid PreK Teacher lauren.kincaid@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kelly Mahr PreK Instructional Assistant kelly.mahr@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kristina Rykiel PreK Instructional Assistant krykiel@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Teresa Gloekler PreK Instructional Assistant tgloekler@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Janice Corrigan Kindergarten Teacher jcorrigan@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kelly Friel Kindergarten Instructional Assistant kfriel@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Michelle Kindness Kindergarten Teacher mkindness@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Lisa Bucci Kindergarten Instructional Assistant lbucci@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mr. Jerry Rehanek Kindergarten Teacher jrehanek@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Lesley Flynn Kindergarten Instructional Assistant lflynn@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Julie Guenther 1st Grade Teacher jguenther@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Denise Martini1st Grade Instructional Assistantdenise.martini@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Pam Lemanski 1st Grade Teacher plemanski@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Helen Benfield 1st Grade Instructional Assistant hbenfield@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Trish Mulville 1st Grade Teacher tmulville@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Christina Tallman 1st Grade Instructional Assistant ctallman@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Amy Kenney 2nd Grade Teacher akenney@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Nancy Lerch 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant nlerch@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Tasia Schmitz 2nd Grade Teacher aschmitz@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Michelle Garino 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant michelle.garino@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Alicia Lyons 2nd Grade Teacher alicia.lyons@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Judy Curbelo 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant judith.curbelo@schooloftheincarnation.org
Miss Leonie Beck 3rd Grade Teacher mailto:lbeck@schooloftheincarnation.org
Miss Michelle Westcott 3rd Grade Teacher mwestcott@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Ann Louise White 3rd Grade Teacher annlouise.white@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Carrie Shahady 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant carrie.shahady@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Audra Sires 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant audra.sires@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Teresa Dinsmore 4th Grade Teacher tdinsmore@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Sandi Dlugonski 4th Grade Teacher sdlugonski@schooloftheincarnation.org
Miss Amy Santini 4th Grade Teacher asantini@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mr. Rich Metz 4th Grade Instructional Assistant rmetz@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Natalie Shallow 4th Grade Instructional Assistant nshallow@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Susan Hughes 5th Grade Teacher shughes@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kathleen Mann 5th Grade Teacher kmann@schooloftheincarnation.org
Miss Betsy Werthmann 5th Grade Teacher bwerthmann@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Angela Conti 5th Grade Instructional Assistant aconti@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Cassidy Fuentes 5th Grade Instructional Assistant cassidy.fuentes@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Karen McGuire 6th & 8th Grade Science Teacher kmcguire@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mr. Paul Sloyer 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher psloyer@schooloftheincarnation.org
Ms. Renee von Behren 6th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher rvonbehren@schooloftheincarnation.org
Ms. Julie Bayer 7th Grade Math & Science Teacher julie.bayer@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Amy Nimczuk 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher amy.nimczuk@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Mary Nolte 6th & 7th Grade Religion Teacher mnolte@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kim Klingensmith 6th & 8th Grade Math Teacher kim.klingensmith@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Margaret Hughes-Baldwin 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher mhughes-baldwin@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Terri Mudd 7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher tmudd@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kat Nepp 8th Grade Religion & 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher kat.nepp@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Stacy Rubilotta Middle School Instructional Assistant srubilotta@schooloftheincarnation.org
Ms. Christine Hinton Middle School Instructional Assistant christine.hinton@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kelly Murphy Art Teacher kmurphy@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Marianne McGuire Computer Education Teacher mmcguire@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Jen Oshenska Computer Education Teacher joshenska@schooloftheincarnation.org
Ms. Lisa Rich Library/Media Education lrich@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Marianne Morton Library Assistant mmorton@schooloftheincarnation.org
Miss Dana Rafoth Music Teacher drafoth@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mr. Keith Smith Physical Education Teacher kbsmith@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Michelle Wissman 4th-6th Grade Spanish Teacher michelle.wissman@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Marcia Miller 7th & 8th Grade Spanish Teacher marcia.miller@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Jennifer O'Leary World Cultures Teacher joleary@schooloftheincarnation.org
Miss Molly Brinker Reading Resource mbrinker@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Hillary Sages Resource, Grades K-5 hillary.sages@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kelly Abbott Resource, Grades 6-8 kabbott@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kendra Navarro Resource/Guidance kendra.navarro@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Sarah Spaulding Guidance Counselor sspaulding@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Cheryl Shoots Teacher Mentor/Small Group Facilitator cshoots@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Susan Day Band Director sday4061@gmail.com
Mrs. Elaine Shai ESP Director eshai@schooloftheincarnation.org

Support Staff

Mrs. Caroline Agresti Business Manager cagresti@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kellie DeMaio Bookkeeper kdemaio@schooloftheincarnation.org
Ms. Tanisha Owens Curriculum Coordinator tanisha.owens@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mr. Matt Krystkiewicz Facilities Manager matt.krystkiewicz@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Susan Murray Volunteer Screening Coordinator susan.murray@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mr. Matthew Moyer Information Technology Coordinator matt.moyer@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Laura Pajerowski Director of Development lpajerowski@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Andrea Phillip Receptionist aphillip@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Jennifer RaVell Secretary jravell@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Kerrie Smith Administrative Assistant ksmith@schooloftheincarnation.org
Mrs. Susan Toth School Nurse stoth@schooloftheincarnation.org