Student Services

In its ongoing commitment to the success of our students, School of the Incarnation offers a number of support services to promote the social, emotional, physical and academic well-being of the children we serve. Our school support staff includes a registered school nurse, two licensed guidance counselors, a certified reading specialist, three academic resource staff members including two certified Special Educators, a STEM Coordinator, a technology integration specialist, a teacher mentor and a differentiated instruction/small group facilitator. Highlights of our services include:

· Small group instructional strategies incorporated in a variety of content areas and grade levels.

· A reading specialist who coordinates  the use of research-based intervention reading support, either one-on-one or in small groups based on skill levels to support students’ decoding and comprehension.

· Special educators who provide supplemental instruction for students with documented learning differences.

· Resource team members who work closely with teachers to implement accommodations and develop instructional plans to best support students with learning needs.

· Special educators who collaborate with private tutors to facilitate individualized learning.

· Resource team members who advocate for students and families when psychoeducational evaluations are necessary.

· Resource team members who serve as liaisons between classroom teachers and outside service providers.

· Guidance staff and resource team members who provide organizational supports as needed for students.

· Guidance services that include small group and individual support for concerns such as social skills, anxiety, study skills, and conflict resolution.

· Speech and language therapy services that  are provided onsite for students with documented needs through a cooperative arrangement with Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

· Occupational therapy services that are available  onsite for students with documented needs through a private-pay, third-party arrangement.