School Board

It is Archdiocesan policy that every school have a school board, regardless of its model of governance. School boards are diverse and seek to reflect the student population, include community representation, and have persons with expertise related to school needs. The school board provides leadership, guidance and support to the school community. In addition to the President and voting members of the Board, the school’s Principal is an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board. Questions regarding School Board operation and functions may be directed to any Board member or to the Principal. Meet our school board members for this school year!

School Board Mission

  • To provide the long-term vision and Strategic Growth Plan
  • To affirm and enable the administration, faculty, and staff
  • To assure financial accountability
  • To assess and evaluate the policies of the school
  • To serve as the bridge builder between the school, the parishes, and the greater community
  • To maintain active involvement in SOTI school activities
  • To assure school board representation from the parishes and community that supports the school
Name Role
Nancy Baker Principal
Fr. Michael JendrekCanonical Representative
Paul Zambernardi Board Chair
Matt BaronBoard Member
Mildred DeSimone
Board Member
Michele DoughertyBoard Member
Mark ElliottBoard Member
Carolyn Gabelman
Board Member
Nancy Lerch
Board Member
Mike ThomasBoard Member