Faith Formation

School of the Incarnation is a school dedicated to cultivating and promoting academic excellence in an environment immersed in Gospel values, integrating this commitment seamlessly into the academic program and student life. Students' faith formation extends well beyond religion class and monthly Mass celebrations. Below is a list of some of the activities that provide students an opportunity to grow in their faith:

  • Stations of the Cross - 8th grade students plan and enact living Stations of the Cross, performed "in the round" for the rest of the student body during the school day and for the community in the evening.
  • Morning Prayer - the entire student body gathers briefly in Marian Hall every morning to start their day in prayer.
  • Mass - students attend monthly Mass celebrated by one or more of our pastors.
  • Prayer Chapel - Our beautiful chapel provides teachers with a place to bring students for prayer and reflection.
  • Gathering Place - This circular brick courtyard is a serene outdoor space for meditation and prayer.
  • Adoration - Teachers bring classes to our chapel for Eucharistic adoration.
  • Pastoral visits - Periodically, our pastors and seminarians visit the classrooms to talk with students.
  • Reconciliation - For those who have made this sacrament, visiting priests make reconciliation available to students during Lent and Advent.
  • Field Trips - Classes enjoy field trips to nearby destinations with religious significance such as shrines and monasteries.
  • Christmas Pageant - Students in 1st & 2nd Grade perform in an annual Christmas pageant for the school community.
  • Three Kings Week and Epiphany Blessing - This week of activities learning about Epiphany traditions here and around the world is celebrated the week after students return from Christmas break.
  • 8th Grade Retreat - Students and faculty participate in an annual offsite retreat.