At School of the Incarnation, we recognize that the use of technology in the 21st century is integral to preparing students for college and career success. Our technology courses cover a variety of lessons including Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration. All of these units are taught and influenced by the lens of Catholic identity and the dignity of all humankind.  The technology program at School of the Incarnation insures that our graduates are technically proficient and well-prepared for high school and beyond.  Components of our technology program include:

1:1 Device Program

The hallmark of our technology program is our 1-to-1 Chromebook program in which every student in Grades 4-8 is issued a school-owned Chromebook which they use in class and at home. Grade 3 students have chromebooks that are used in class. K-2 students each have an iPad to use in class. PreK has a shared learning station of iPads. Students use these devices in their classes as a research tool, for notetaking, to make flashcards, participate in class discussions, manage their agenda, create presentations, and many other exciting uses. 

3D Printing

In addition to the core technology integrated curriculum, 3D printing has been added as an activity to enhance instruction in grades 3 through 8.  This technology has cross-curricular integration.

Technology Class

All students in grades kindergarten through 8 participate in a weekly technology class in our technology lab taught by certified technology educators. In these classes, the content is tied to the curriculum at each grade level, while the skills are tied to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards. Students are taught coding in grades 1 through 8, 3D print design starting in grades 3 through 8 and HTML coding in 8th grade.  Students work at chromebooks and learn the Google Workspace suite of apps.  Middle school students are taught basic video and animation creation.

Classroom Technology

All classrooms have interactive technology that allows students to become more involved in lessons. Classroom technologies include interactive white boards, hand-held student response devices, projectors, document cameras, digital media resources, and wireless access. Teachers can utilize such devices to quickly assess student progress and to reinforce or challenge students based on individual needs.


The use of iRobot robots is incorporated in our curriculum for grades kindergarten through 8.  Multiple robotics teams meet after school to research real-world problems and develop solutions using technology.  They participate in First Lego League challenges and competitions.  Destination Imagination and Rising Stars teams work at creative problem-solving for students at a variety of grade levels. 

STEM / Makerspace

Our newest technology addition at School of the Incarnation is our Makerspace where students have the opportunity to participate in STEM activities.  All teachers are able to reserve this space for their classes. Included in our Makerspace are four 3D printers, a Lego wall, a green screen, iRobot robots and a Virtual Reality station. All grade levels at School of the Incarnation participate in STEM Days and STEM activities. Our  students are able to answer complex questions, investigate global issues, and develop solutions for challenges and  real-world problems while applying the rigor of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics content. 

School of the Incarnation students will have access to this same technology and a curriculum that allows our students to become more ready every day for future discoveries and advances we have yet envisioned.