Student Life

Our students do so much more than just attend school together!  They learn about how to be graceful winners and losers on our athletics teams. They explore their musical aspirations in band, choir, and musical theater presentations. They design robots, hold student council offices, learn to play chess, participate in service projects and worship together.  Our community is more than a school - it's a family! Please explore the dozens of opportunities for extracurricular enrichment.

School of the Incarnation Student Life

Athletics - The athletics program at School of the Incarnation seeks to provide our student-athletes with the opportunity to develop their skills and to learn to work with and respect teammates, coaches, and opponents while demonstrating good sportsmanship at all times. To learn more about the athletic opportunities available please visit our Athletics Page.

Arts & Music - The comprehensive arts & music program at School of the Incarnation gives students the opportunity to develop their talents, self-expression, and creativity. Whether in the classroom or in after-school activities students are encouraged to explore their artistic interests while at school. To learn more about the opportunities available please visit our arts and music program page

Clubs & Activities - In order to enrich the academic and social experience at School of the Incarnation our schools has over twenty different clubs & activities to choose from. To learn more please visit our clubs and activities page

Summer Programs - Each Summer School of the Incarnation hosts a summer camp for students entering Kindergarten through 6th grade. Each camp features a different theme and students participate in several field trips throughout the summer. To learn about the upcoming summer programs please visit our summer programs page.

Positive School Environment

To foster a positive school environment where all students are educated in a safe and caring atmosphere, all Archdiocesan schools will follow established procedures for prevention and intervention for bullying, harassment or intimidation.

Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) has been implemented in every Archdiocesan elementary and high school to enhance academic and social behavior outcomes for all students. School of the Incarnation is proud to have been awarded the PBIS Bronze Award.