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Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Ms. Nancy Baker Principal
Mr. Benjamin Lorenz Assistant

Faculty & Staff

Miss Lauren Kincaid PreK Teacher
Mrs. Kelly Mahr PreK Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Betsy Von Hagen PreK Teacher
Mrs. Kristina Rykiel PreK Instructional Assistant
Ms. Rachel Ehmann PreK Teacher
Miss Marianne Morton PreK Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Janice Corrigan Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Kelly Friel Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Michelle Kindness Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Lisa Bucci Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Mr. Jerry Rehanek Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Katelyn Martini Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Julie Guenther 1st Grade Teacher
Mrs. Trish Mulville
1st Grade Teacher
Mrs. Pam Lemanski 1st Grade Teacher
Mrs. Denise Martini1st Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Christina Tallman 1st Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Amy Kenney 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Amy Richards 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Natalie Shallow 2nd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Nancy Lerch 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
Ms. Joann Schmorr 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
Ms. Jeanette Jones 1st & 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
Miss Leonie Beck 3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Carrie Shahady 3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Elizabeth Harford 3rd Grade Teacher
Mrs. Audra Sires 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Katie Keough 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant
Miss Betsy Werthmann
4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Sandi Dlugonski 4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Heather Ricardi 4th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Brandi Eikenberg 4th Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Shannon Cunningham
4th Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Susan Hughes 5th Grade Teacher
Ms. Michelle Westcott 5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Teresa Dinsmore5th Grade Teacher
Mrs. Victoria Brundidge5th Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Miranda Bouma
5th Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Gina Goodman  6th Grade Homeroom/
6th Grade Math & Social Studies
Mrs. Mary Nolte 6th Grade Homeroom
6th Grade Math & Religion
Mrs. Anna Rahim 6th Grade Homeroom/ 6th ELA & Science
Mrs. Amy Pietrowski 6th Grade ELA & Technology
Ms. Kathleen Dugan
7th Grade Homeroom
7th & 8th Grade Math
Mrs. Donna Noble 7th Grade Homeroom
7th Grade Math & Science
Ms. Carolyn Zerhusen 7th Grade Homeroom7th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Brian Stahl 8th Grade Homeroom
7th & 8th Grade Religion
Miss Christine Hinton8th Grade Homeroom
8th Grade Science & Math
Ms. Renee von Behren
8th Grade Homeroom
7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Margaret Hughes-Baldwin 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts
Mr. Rich Metz Middle School Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Kelly Murphy Art Teacher
Mrs. Marianne McGuire Computer Education Teacher/ Resource IA
Mrs. Jen Oshenska Computer Education Teacher/Operational Systems Coordinator
Ms. Lisa Rich Library/Media Education
Mrs. Ann Wheeler Library Instructional Assistant
Ms. Bernadette Harper Music Teacher
Mr. Keith Smith Athletic Director/Physical Education Teacher
Mrs. Michelle Wissman 4th & 5th Grade Spanish Teacher
Mrs. Marcia Miller 6th-8th Grade Spanish Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer O'Leary World Cultures Teacher
Mrs. Hillary Sages Resource, Grades K-5
Mrs. Emily Alos Resource, Grades 6-8
Mrs. Kendra Navarro Resource/Guidance
Mrs. Michelle Garino Resource Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Sarah Spaulding Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Cheryl Shoots Instructional Coach
Mrs. Elaine Shai ESP Director
Miss Amy Santini Auxiliary Services Coordinator

Support Staff

Mrs. Caroline Agresti Business Manager
Mrs. Kellie DeMaio Bookkeeper
Mrs. Kristin Jacobs Curriculum Coordinator

Facilities Manager
Mrs. Jackie Haslinger Volunteer Screening Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
Mr. Matthew Moyer Information Technology Coordinator
Mrs. Casey Boswell Advancement Director/Admissions
Mrs. Jennifer RaVell Secretary
Mrs. Kerrie Smith Preschool Director/Alumni Relations/Special
Ms. Susan Toth School Nurse