Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Ms. Nancy Baker Principal
[email protected]
Mrs. Kristin Jacobs Assistant Principal[email protected]
Ms. Christine Hinton Assistant Principal[email protected]

Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Lauren Smith PreK Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Joanne Schmorr
PreK Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Betsy Von Hagen PreK Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Christina PadgettPreK Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Rachel Seitler PreK Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Casey Obringer PreK Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Janice Corrigan Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Michelle Kindness Kindergarten Teacher [email protected]
Mr. Jerry Rehanek
Kindergarten Teacher
[email protected]
Mrs. Antho Crowley
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
[email protected]
Mrs. Marianne Morton Kindergarten Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Miss Molly FitzmauriceKindergarten Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Julie Guenther 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]

Mrs. Pam Lemanski
1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Katie Keough 1st Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Margaret Nappi 1st Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Lisa Hanson1st Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Amy Mautino2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Natalie Shallow 2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Jordan Sdanowich2nd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Lorraine Bowes
2nd Grade Instructional Assistant  [email protected]
Mrs. Eileen Granzow2nd Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Brittany Musgrove2nd Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Katy Compher3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Kate Sinnott3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Kristin Bidinger3rd Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Rachel Polucha 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Miss Megan Dinsmore 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Allison Kavanaugh 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Sandi Dlugonski 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Heather Ricardi 4th Grade Teacher [email protected]
4th Grade Instructional Assistant
Mrs. Carin Ferrante 4th Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Trish Mulville5th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Teresa Dinsmore
5th Grade Teacher [email protected]
Miss. Bridget Edmondson5th Grade Teacher[email protected]
Mrs. Kimberly Loock5th Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Jessica Gruner
5th Grade Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Amy Nimczuk6th Grade Math & Religion Teacher
[email protected]
Mrs. Victoria Brundidge6th Grade Math & Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Anna Rahim 6th Grade ELA & Science Teacher [email protected]
Ms Maria Boretti8th Grade Math & Religion Teacher
[email protected]
Ms. Allison Franklin7th & 8th Grade Science Teacher[email protected]
Mr. Joseph Saverino7th Grade Religion & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher[email protected]
Mrs. Gina Keil 7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher[email protected]
Mrs. Margaret Hughes-Baldwin
7th & 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Klaudia Cramer 7th & 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher [email protected]
Miss Colleen Colclough 6th & 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Erin Rittershofer 7th Grade Math & Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Ms. Lisa Rich  8th Grade Language Arts Teacher & Librarian  [email protected]
Mr. Rich Metz Middle School Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Joanne ArnoldMiddle School Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Kelly Murphy Art Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Amy Pietrowski Technology Teacher & Resource Teacher
[email protected]
Mrs. Marianne McGuire Technology Teacher & Resource Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Sara Seidel Technology Teacher / Powerschool Administrator / STT Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs. Shannon Cunningham Library Assistant [email protected]
Mr. Keith Smith Athletic Director/ Middle School Physical Education [email protected]
Mrs. Kristen Noll PreK - 5th Physical Education [email protected]

6th-8th Grade Spanish Teacher
Mrs. Jennifer O'Leary World Cultures Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Shannyn Petersen Music Teacher [email protected]
Mrs. Hillary Sages Resource, Grades K-5 [email protected]
Mrs. Jennifer DuncanResource, Grades K-5 [email protected]
Mrs. Gina GoodmanResource, Grades 6-8 [email protected]
Ms. Renee von BehrenResource, Grades 6-8 [email protected]
Mrs. Ann WheelerResource Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Angela Conti Resource Instructional Assistant [email protected]
Mrs. Michelle Garino RISE Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Spaulding School Counselor [email protected]
Mrs. Kendra Navarro School Counselor [email protected]
Mrs. Lisa Bucci ESP Director [email protected]
Miss Amy Santini Auxiliary Services Coordinator [email protected]

Support Staff

Ms. Caroline Agresti Business Manager [email protected]
Mrs. Kellie DeMaio Bookkeeper [email protected]
Mrs. Jennifer RaVell Secretary [email protected]
Mr. Matthew Moyer Campus Operations Manager/IT [email protected]
Mrs. Myllisa Kennedy Alumni Relations/Special Events [email protected]
Mrs. Casey BoswellDirector of Enrollment Management & Marketing[email protected]
Mrs. Kristina Rykiel Development Director[email protected]
Ms. Megan Johannes Executive Secretary/Volunteer Screening Coordinator [email protected]
Ms. Jane MarshReceptionist[email protected]
Mr. Darius Richardson
Facilities Staff[email protected]
Mr. Bill Kirby Facilities Staff
Ms. Susan Toth School Nurse [email protected]
Mrs. Morgan Fye Part Time School Nurse [email protected]