Back to School Checklist

Required for All Students:

2023-2024 Parent Student Handbook - Read here

Handbook Acknowledgement Form

Student/Parent Device Agreement

Chromebook Damage Fee Schedule

Physical and Immunizations Form

Parish/Place of Worship Form

Optional or as applicable:

PAC Room Parent Information Release Form

Optional Student Accident Insurance

Walker and Bike Rider Registration and Release Form 

(Students designated as walkers or bike riders should live within a two mile radius of the school and will require the written permission of a parent or guardian via the registration form and the school administration in order to be released with these groups. This form will be sent home at the beginning of the year for all children.)

Academic Integrity Acknowledgement (4th-8th grade only)

(For review only. To be signed after the start of school.)

Record of Tdap vaccine and Meningococcal vaccine (7th grade only)

Arrival Videos

Arrival if you have a PreK-1st student

Arrival for Students in Grades 2-5 (if you dont have a PreK-1)

Arrival for Students in Middle School (if you dont have a PreK-1, or 2nd- 5th)